This is, according to us the most important part of the entire process when purchasing, or designing any piece of diamond jewellery. Every single diamond is unique, and there are a variety of factors which effects the price of a diamond. We urge clients, to focus on these factors most important to them, and choose a diamond that satisfies their individual standards for beauty and value.

Large diamondWhen consulting a client, our aim is to educate them before selecting from our large variety of available polished, certified diamond stock. Within a clients individual taste and style, a selection of diamonds will be presented for viewing where our consultants will point out the variety of factors that effects each diamond price. This allows us to explain how prices are calculated accordingly, keeping the clients budget in mind.

These factors, also known as the 4 C's of diamonds are:

Carat - refers to the weight of a diamond
Cut - shape of the diamond
Clarity - refers to impurities found on the inside of a diamond.

We pride ourselves to have the largest selection of polished, certified diamonds in all shapes, sizes, colors and clarities clients can choose from. All our diamonds are conflict free, and certified by the most popular diamond laboratories in the world.