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We create exclusive and custom jewelry for him or her.

We do it all! From engagement bands, to wedding bands, earrings, pendants & bracelets

Each item "made to order", and in accordance to each clients individual taste, style & budget. Our mens designs are plain and simple yet stylish and classy.

Treat yourself with a classic diamond earring bracelet or pendant, or choose from a variety of wedding attire, all custom made & exclusive to your own style, taste & budget.

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This is where it all starts - we literally bring consulting to your doorstep. No need to run around searching for your perfect masterpiece, we'll come to you at no extra cost and without obligation to purchase.

Our idea is to gather as much information from individuals with regards to

  • Style & Taste
  • Finger Size
  • Budget

This information will help us to design your own custom piece, within your given budget, and reflection of your own taste and style, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Please note, due to constant demand, consultations are by appointment only. Contact us today!


Transforming all of the information gathered from our client into an exclusive 'one of a kind' piece, is what we do best!

Clients are presented with a quotation, within their given budget and, on approval, presented with a 3D graphic and rendering to showcase what the item will look like even before manufacturing commences.

By the time we get to this process, all the relevant stones are also presented to the client due to the fact that we believe clients should know what they pay for.

Our quotations are tailor-made to suit any individual budget. Once the client is happy with the design and price, we can then move onto the manufacturing phase.

Please note, as part of our brilliant service, there is no cost involved in our consultations, expert advice or presenting designs in 3D.


We don't just sell jewellery, we design with passion and create exclusive pieces with precision.

The process requires approximately 10 working days (two weeks) to complete. Each item is presented in its own handcrafted wooden jewellery box, accompanied by a Diamends appraisal and valuation certificate, as well as all other diamond certifications for insurance purposes.

For inspiration, why not visit our gallery, send us your own ideas or simply contact us to book an appointment. We have consultation agents in your area to assist. Remember, we come to you.